We source the freshest organic produce and health products every week.

We are a local family, passionate about eating nutritious, tasty, organic foods and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle whilst helping others do the same.

At Almar Organics we love sharing our knowledge and understanding of food and food systems and supporting our community by providing a healthier and more ethical alternative to the norm.

At Almar Organics we believe in supporting organic growers who use ecologically responsible farming practices and techniques resulting in a healthier, happy planet. We are also working hard on our own farm to grow quality, nutrient dense produce with our vision to connect more of our customers to how there food is grown, where it comes from and the positive outcomes associated with regenerative farming.

We encourage sharing, recycling and reusing and have eliminated the use of plastic in our store and home in the effort for a sustainable future.

Our mission is to help people, and the planet, thrive!

Our store is open:
Tuesday to Friday from 10.30am to 6pm and
Saturday mornings from 9am till 12pm.

Come down and say hello, chat to our amazing team and let us help you with your conscious food and lifestyle choices.