Hi we are Katie and Clint Hall and we are the very proud owners of Almar Organics. We have a real focus on organic foods and health products as well as sourcing the freshest organic produce every week.

Since becoming parents we understand the importance of our own health and that of our beautiful daughters Zara and Eva 🙂 This has become our major priority. We are passionate about eating nutritious, organic foods and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle whilst helping others do the same.

At Almar Organics we believe that choosing organic will reduce your exposure to toxins, synthetic hormones and chemicals on a daily basis and result in a healthier, happier individual and lifestyle. If you love and respect food; understand its origin and know how to prepare it; it will love you back.

At Almar Organics we believe in supporting organic growers who use ecologically responsible farming practices and techniques resulting in a healthier, happy planet. We encourage sharing, recycling and reusing and have eliminated the use of plastic in our store and home in the effort for a sustainable future.

We and our team look forward to meeting you 🙂